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-Matt DePerno (AG candidate)
-Mike Lindell (Activist, CEO)

-Matt Maddock (MI House, 44th Dist.)

-Ralph Rebandt (Gov. candidate)
-Ezra Scott (US House 5th candidate)
-Tom Norton (US House 2nd candidate)
-Beth Socia (MI Senate 4th candidate)
-Keith Hinkle (MI Senate 30th candidate
-Angela Rigas (MI House 79th candidate)
-R.J. Regan (MI House 84th candidate)
-Jon Rocha (MI House 78th candidate)
-Jamie D. Thompson (MI House 28th cand.)

-Lisa Werner (MI House 27th candidate)
-Lena Epstein (UM Board of Regents)

-Mike Balow (MSU Trustee)
-Tami Carlone (State Board of Education)
-Dr. Linda Lee Tarver (State Board of Ed.)
-Tom Antor (County Commish 2nd)
-Celeste Mentag (County Comm. 6th)
-Josie Kornev (County Comm. 18th)

-Kristen Meghan Kelly (Med. Freedom)
-Roger Braybrook (Vietnam Vet)
-Lt. Robert Reminga (Veteran MI Def. Force)
-Anna Timmer (WMAC Comm. Organizer)
-Michael Farage (AFP, activist)
-Tim Walenga (AF activist/organizer)
-Lorrie Reminga (AF Activist)
-Jeremy Herrell (Live From America)






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